Surviving Hurricane Irma

I was visiting my sons in Florida and Hurricane Irma had only just been mentioned.  I changed my flight to stay another week and BOOM Irma started to come toward Florida.  It’s going East.  It’s going West.  It’s going up the middle of the state.

We were on the west coast and Hurricane Irma decided to move West.  We start buying water but most stores were empty.  We saved several gallons of tap water.  We did have bread!  The windows were covered and we stayed tuned to the news.

By the time Irma reached us it was a Category 2 – still a very dangerous storm.  Zones A and B were mandatory evacuations.  Zone C was not ordered to vacate so we stayed at home.  Imagine – 7  adults, 1 baby, and 4 dogs in 1400 SF house.

The storm hit us Sunday evening and Monday.  We did not sustain any damage to the house or trees on the property.  No flooding and we had electricity the whole time.

I’m traveling back to Nashville today….I’ve had all the excitement I need for a few days.

Main Street Festival in Franklin, TN   April 29-30

I’ve been to the Main Street Festival many times.  It’s for all ages – kids area with rides and probably live ponies!The festival is for food and music lovers. If you love Arts & Crafts there are booths lining up and down Main Street with unique items.  

This years crowd numbers are estimated at 130,000.  This is one of the largest festivals in the South.  If you’re visiting make it a priority!
See you there!

Irene Kelley at “The Station Inn” in Nashville 1/20/17 @ 9PM

If you’re in the Nashville area this week, you MUST go to Irene’s appearance at The Station Inn.  Her show starts at 9 PM on 1/20/17.  I have known Irene over 15 years.  She is a beautiful person and has a heart to match.  Irene and I have shared many ups and downs in our careers and life.  She is a strong woman who is very talented.  GO!

The Station Inn 

402 12th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37203 

More info:

The Perch in Westhaven

My friend, Anne, and I ate lunch at “The Perch” today in Westhaven.  This unique, trendy creperie & coffee house has locations in Green Hills Brentwood and downtown Nashville.

Yummy!  Wonderful crepes.  

They offer a lot of selections and I’m sure the mornings are busy.  Visit them at:

Nashville Ranks Number 1 Hottest Housing Markets

Move to Nashville!  It is ranked Number 1 hottest housing market in 2017.  Why?

  1. Many job opportunities 
  2. Great place to live
  3. Steady growth
  4. Home prices continue to increase

PLUS friendly people!  

Call me 615-390-0888 for more information!

Destination Wedding in Florida

I arrived on Anna Maria Island on Wednesday and checked into Anna Maria Beach Cottages.   I HIGHLY recommend staying there – cute, clean and just a few steps to the beach.  Go to their website and check them out
Friday was a beautiful day!  Chairs with Tiffany Blue bows and a starfish arch graced the beach.  My two sons (Grant was the groom) and my son Carson was the Best Man.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The bride, Maria, was gorgeous!  All of us participated in a Wishing Stone blessing for the new couple.  Reception was at the Sandbar Restaurant.  Excellent food and ambiance.  Reception:

Call or text me if you want more information about the wedding.

Destination Weddings?

Have you ever traveled to a distination wedding?  This is my first one and my son is the groom!

Destination: Anna Marie Island, FL

 Anna Maria Island beach weddings have become so popular that it is being referred to as the “Beach Wedding Capital of Florida”.   
Traveling to a wedding is quite exciting.  The preparation and anticipation makes it a event!  I’m so happy for the bride and groom.  They are the photo for “soul mates.”  I’m looking forward to the white sand beach, the sound of waves and beautiful sunsets.  Reception will follow at the Sandbar Restaurant

I’ll share some photos with you soon….

Happy New Year 2017

Did you know Nashville, Tennessee is one of the best places to celebrate New Years Eve?  There’s FREE live music All over the city!  No canned music here.  CNN is featuring our “Music City Midnight”
Keith Urban headlines the FREE concert!  Who could ask for more?  
Check out all the events at Music City Midnight.

Williamson County income ranked seventh in country


Williamson County income ranked seventh in country
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Williamson County income ranked seventh in country

Things are looking good in Williamson County, as data released last week from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that it had the seventh highest median household income in the country in 2015.
The median household in Williamson County brought in an estimated $104,367 last year, according to the census statistics.
To go along with that, the county had an estimated five percent poverty rate, placing Williamson County tied for 10th lowest in the nation in that measurement.
The highest income county in the country was Loudon County, Virginia. It had a reported median household income of $125,900 last year. Four of the top ten counties for income were right outside Washington D.C., in Virginia. A fifth was a Washington D.C. commuter suburb in Maryland.
Tennessee as a whole did not fare nearly as well as Williamson County in the data. Whereas Williamson County had the seventh highest income of any county in the country, Tennessee ranked 43rd among states in median household income, with $47,243 in 2015. The lowest incomes were reported in Mississippi, with an estimated median household income of $40,630.
Likewise, Tennessee’s poverty rate was estimated to have been at 16.7 percent last year, placing it just outside the top ten for highest poverty rates. Mississippi had the highest poverty rate: 22.1 percent.
Within Tennessee, there was a big drop off in the numbers between Williamson County and the next wealthiest county in the state, Wilson County. Wilson County had an estimated median household income of $65,372 in 2015. That’s $38,995 less than the median income in Williamson County — a 37 percent difference.
The only state in the top ten to have a greater percentage difference between its two highest income counties was New Mexico, where there was a 41 percent drop between number one and number two. California, New Jersey and Virginia — three other states with counties in the top ten for income — showed a 1 percent, 1 percent and 3 percent drop respectively between their top two wealthiest counties.
These numbers also demonstrate that Williamson County’s median household income was estimated to be 120 percent greater than Tennessee’s median household income. Again, out of states with top ten counties, only New Mexico showed a wider gulf between its statewide average and the average of its wealthiest county.
Tennessee’s lowest-income county was reported to be Hancock County, where the median household income was estimated to be $27,987. The county in Tennessee with the highest poverty rate, according to census data, was Lake County where the rate was estimated at 43.1%.
Overall, the United States’ 3,141 counties had an estimated household median income of $55,775 and a poverty rate of 14.7 percent. Data showed that from 2007 — just before the Great Recession — and 2015, 18 percent of counties showed a statistically significant increase in poverty rates. Only two percent showed a statistically significant decrease.
The data was released by the U.S. Census Bureau last week as part of its Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates Program. The data is released each year to help direct federal funding. It is the only annual collection of data that provides comprehensive county-level information on poverty rates and median household incomes, according to a document from the bureau.
The complete list of top ten earning counties in the United States, and their median household incomes is:
1. Loudoun County, VA $125,900

2. Falls Church city, VA $122,092

3. Fairfax County, VA $112,844

4. Howard County, MD $110,224

5. Douglas County, CO $109,926

6. Los Alamos County, NM $107,126

7. Williamson County, TN $107,126

8. Arlington County, VA $104,354

9. Hunterdon County, NJ $102,797

10. Santa Clara County, CA $102,191
Courtesy of Franklin HomePage

Posted by Landon Woodroof Date: December 20, 2016

10 Best Nashville Restaurants To Order A Steak

Dan Rule June 29, 2016

When you order a steak in Nashville, TN you’re not looking for something “okay” , “alright ” or ” pretty good. ” When you order a steak in the Music City you want the best! We searched, taste tested and trimmed the fat to find the best steak in Nashville so you don’t have to :

10. Urban Grub

9.  Palm Restaurant

8.  Union Common
7.  Teds Montana grill nashville tn

6.  Prima

5.  Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse-Nashville

4.  Bobs Steak and Chop House

3.  The Standard Nashville
2.  Stoney-River-Legendary-Steaks
1.  Kayne Prime