Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

The Bluebird Café is one of the world’s preeminent listening rooms and the venue has gained worldwide recognition as a songwriter’s performance space where the “heroes behind the hits” perform their own songs; songs that have been recorded by chart-topping artists in all genres of music. The 100 seat venue is unassuming in appearance but some of the most significant songwriters and artists have performed on this stage.
At The Bluebird, performers include up-and-coming songwriters along with those whose music is regularly on the charts, country music as well as pop, rock and Contemporary Christian hits. Kathy Mattea was the first star to be identified with The Bluebird. Garth Brooks played on both our Open Mic and Sunday Songwriter’s Shows before he was discovered and signed to Capitol Records.

A typical nightly performance consists of three or four songwriters seated in the center of the room, taking turns playing their songs and accompanying each other instrumentally and with harmony vocals. It is an experience that few forget, and one that reflects why Nashville is known as Music City. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COUNTRY MUSIC STAR MAY APPEAR!
On October 10, 2012 The Bluebird Cafe made its primetime debut on the ABC drama Nashville. The Bluebird Cafe is a key factor in the show’s plotline which deals with both the music industry in Nashville, the political climate in Nashville and the key players in both these “worlds,” which often collide. Nashville the city is also showcased in the beautiful cinematography of the show each week.

The Bluebird has received much press attention throughout its 30 years; from live interviews with Barbara Walters and Katie Couric to our recent story in Southwest Spirit magazine. (
In any given week, we have film crews, national photographers and celebrity visits it is always the music that people remember and the songs that keep Bluebird devotees “sssshhhushed.”

Bluebird Cafe Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday: 5:00 -11:30
Friday-Sunday: 5:00 – 12:00


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