Pricing your home in the Nashville TN area.

Not Sure How to Price Your Home? Use These Expert Strategies to Hit the Sweet Spot

Pricing your home based on data, not emotion, can mean a swift sale.

You don’t need to be Bob Barker to know when the price just isn’t right. Just ask Candace Talmadge. She originally listed her Lancaster, Texas, home for $129,000, but “eventually had to accept the market reality” and chop $4,000 off the price.

The home’s location proved challenging: Buyers were either turned off by the area — a lower-income neighborhood south of Dallas — or unable to afford the home.

“Sellers have to keep in mind the location,” says Talmadge. “Who are going to be the likely buyers?”

Home pricing is more of a science than an art, but many homeowners price with their heartstrings instead of cold, hard data. Here’s why crunching the numbers is always the better route to an accurate home price — as well as what can happen when home sellers overlook those all important data points.

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How to Find and Keep a Real Estate Agent You’ll Love

In some ways, the buyer-real estate agent relationship is similar to a romantic one. In either situation, the relationship’s success or failure depends a lot on picking the “right” partner from the beginning. Chemistry and communications also play an important role.

Here’s how you can find the best real estate agent “match” and nurture that relationship to achieve your goal: buying your dream home.

Do your homework

Today, buyers start researching properties online well before they contact an agent. This early research period should also be the time to have your feelers out for a good agent. In fact, the best time to connect with an agent is when you’ve got some knowledge of your local market but need more input, a second opinion and a professional’s guidance.

Asking friends, family and coworkers for referrals can be helpful for finding an agent. Posting what you’re looking for in an agent on social media might also help lead you to the best real estate “mate.”

Take it slowly

Would you introduce to your parents someone you’ve only had one or two dates with? Probably not. Before getting serious with a potential mate, you’d get to know them, learn about their history and understand your compatibility.

It’s not too different in the real estate agent-buyer relationship. Buying a home is an extremely emotional time. Your real estate agent will be front and center with you through ups, downs and trying times. Through the buying process, your agent might learn a lot about your personal life as well as your finances. For these reasons, take the time to ensure you have the best person by your side. If you rush into a relationship with the wrong agent, you’ll regret it later.

Pay attention to chemistry

An agent could come highly recommended and be thoroughly experienced. But with any relationship, chemistry (or lack of it) comes into play. When you first talk to an agent, ask yourself: Is this someone you’d want to spend time with? Does the agent “get” you? Will you feel comfortable sharing your financial and other personal information with him? If you answer “no,” keep looking for someone you click with.

Avoid the blame game

In today’s often-competitive real estate markets, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get the first or even the third home you try to buy. This may cause buyers to get stressed out or upset after losing in a bidding situation or when faced with a seller who’s just “not that into you.”

Unfortunately, buyers sometimes take out their anger and frustration with the market on their real estate agent. But don’t assume that the fact your bid wasn’t accepted is your agent’s fault. The agent can’t control the seller or the seller’s agent any more than you can. Pick the best agent for your needs; trust your agent to do the job; treat the agent as you’d want to be treated; and chalk up a losing bid to experience.

Practice patience

As with romantic relationships, there may be times when your agent tries your patience. Maybe you’ve been looking for a month now and still haven’t found your dream place. Whatever the situation, keep in mind that buying the right home shouldn’t be rushed. Give the process, and your agent, time. On the other hand, if your agent seems to be neglecting you, speak up.

Communicate clearly

This is probably the most important step to any successful relationship: maintaining open, honest communications. With your real estate agent, be upfront from the start about how you like to work and what you might expect from them. Express concerns you have along the way. Above all, give the agent constructive feedback that will help him succeed.

In most cases, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your agent during the home buying process. So choose wisely. Picking the wrong agent can add to the stress, frustration and uncertainty of buying a home. On the other hand, choosing the right agent can make the process significantly easier and more successful.

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Seller Mistakes

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The biggest seller mistake is overpricing their home. Regardless of the comparables, their home is “Better”. So it sits on the market until it has to be reduced. Then buyers start asking, “What’s wrong with that house”. READ THE COMPS!

Recently, one of my buyers walked away from purchasing a home because the seller refused to do any repairs. HELLO …..negotiate the repairs!

All of the items on this chart are important….Sellers take note!

Forbes: Nashville a top market to invest in a home for 2014

Scott Harrison
Staff Reporter-Scott Harrison
Staff Reporter-
Nashville Business Journal

In its housing outlook for 2014, Forbes has ranked the Nashville metropolitan statistical area as the fourth-best U.S. market in which to buy a home next year, noting a growing local economy and housing prices that are still under-valued despite a recent uptick.
For its list, Forbes joined with Local Market Monitor and ranked the best housing markets based on high population and job growth, home prices and the local economy.

The average home price in Greater Nashville is estimated at $199,506 — which is 16 percent less than the market’s actual value, according to Local Market Monitor’s “equilibrium home price” measure.

Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, Tenn.
Pop.: 1,582,264
Actual Home Price: $199,506
Equilibrium Home Price: $238,411
Difference: -16%
3-year Growth Forecast: 23%

Olive & Sinclair Move to New Location

Olive & Sinclair Move to New Location | Nashville News

Popular and local Nashville chocolatier Olive & Sinclair will open doors to its new retail and factory space in East Nashville today!

This new location, located at 1628 Fatherland St. in East Nashville, will provide guests the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the local business.

The company loves to include vintage decor and items to their retail shops, including vintage chocolate decor. The space will also include memorabilia and special samples. At today’s soft opening, guests can sip on their special Mexican-style hot chocolate.

Still to come, the shop will launch a new product called chocuterie, consisting of “chocolate salami, pates, our own version of rillettes, all made out of chocolate,” according to the shop owner Scott Witherow.

While factory tours are still yet to come, the shop is now often to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

For more information, visit the website at

Happy Holiday Handhelds Top 5 Apps For Stress-Free Merrymaking

Want to make this year’s holiday season the most enjoyable and relaxed one on record? From tracking your spending to hosting a holiday party to keeping the kids entertained at Grandma’s, making your life easier requires looking no further than these handy holiday apps.

Food 52. Food 52 Party planning just got easier for iPhone users. Armed with recipes, tutorials, and event-planning tips and tricks of experts, this “Entertaining Handbook” helps you plan for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Passover, Easter and more.

Pickie Gifts. pickie GiftsWracking your bran to come up with the perfect gift for someone? Help is on the way with Pickie’s algorithm-based gift ideas culled from your friends’ Facebook Likes and other Facebook activity. Early reviews say the gift suggestions are right on the money.

Postage am. Postagram. Takes your favorite photos from Facebook, Instagram, phone, or computer and transforms them into actual postcards, then snail-mails them to family and friends! Need we say more?

Flightcaster. FlightcasterPredicts flight delays by analyzing ten years of flight data combined with real-time information up to six hours before the airline announces the delay. For iPhone and Blackberry devices.

FarFaria. FarFariaWith over 500 children’s books in the queue, and new books added each week, FarFaria is the premier story time app for kids ages four and up. Features include offline access to books, an audio “Read To Me” option where any book is read aloud by a storyteller, plus songs, games, personalized libraries for each child, and much more for a monthly subscription of $3.99.


Delightfully Frightful Halloween Decor on a DIY Budget

Decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary (unless, of course, you want it to be).

Some home owners go all out in a manner more often reserved for Christmas. David Gugel, for instance, takes Halloween decor to stop-and-gape levels. It’s no surprise to learn that he once designed retail window displays for Disney. featured before-and-after photos of his otherwise typical suburban home transformed into a wild October frightfest. If you’re like us, there’s never enough time to pursue all the wild home styles that people create.

For those of us with less dramatic homes, budgets and taste, a little sweat equity can still bring a delightfully eerie air to your abode. Herewith, some relatively simple do-it-yourself ways to capture the spooky season.

Front Yard

Pumpkins and mums add a classic seasonal touch with minimal effort. They can welcome guests at the foot of a driveway, line a walkway to the front door or gather around a tree. The tree itself could sport eyes, cut from felt and held aloft with environmentally friendly adhesives. The truly ambitious could carve Styrofoam headstones, but the faint-of-heart, beware — that’s a half-day project.

Front Door

Classy or ghastly? The options run amok. Amazon sells bloody footprints on paper, but why not make your own? A roll of kids’ mural paper from any craft store, some red acrylic paint, a bit of soap for those dirty feet afterward, and before you can say “wrap the body in a rug,” there are telltale prints leading to your door.

Or stick with simple. Hang a witch’s hat on the front door as you would a wreath. Sit the kids down with scissors, black felt and a stencil, and create a colony of bats. Paint Chinese paper lanterns like jack-o’-lanterns and hang them from the eaves — no scooping innards or tossing rotting (gourd) flesh.

Living Room

Tossing a sheet with eyeholes over a kid’s head and calling them a ghost may be a cliched holiday cop-out, but the same idea can feel almost fresh on furniture. White sheets covering the furniture can lend an air of mystery to a room, as guests (or inhabitants) ponder what goes on underneath. And don’t underestimate the power of low light. If your circuits are on dimmers, you’re ahead of the game, but even candlelight or a well-placed dim bulb can throw unexpectedly fun shadows.


Burn the evidence — but not all of it. Dirt piled where the logs go can host fake bones peeking through. Perhaps there’s mulch left from summer planting? Put it to good use. While it is possible to make your own plaster bone molds, $20 on eBay goes far, too. If you don’t dig dirt, a handful of red glass votives in the fireplace can add a ghoulish air.

Dining Room

For a creeptastic look, think red and black. Yard-sale candlesticks, the more dented the better, covered in high-gloss black spray paint can hold red candles. They’ll give off an eerie glow atop a red tablecloth. Sprinkle plastic bugs around the plates and drape gauze or cheesecloth between the candles and across the table. Watch your guests shudder.

Bonus Bucket

One tip for the frugal: Start thinking about next year now. Come Nov. 1, if not earlier, stores will deeply discount their Halloween offerings. Even if you don’t have the time or funds to spruce up the house this year, some judicious shopping could get you all set for 2014.

If the monsters haven’t gotten you yet, we flipped over some the home styles bursting with gourds and color pictured here — the looks can transfer to any home, even on a smaller scale. But if you want to go big, you have company. Don’t even bother counting the skeletons — of course, there are 13.
By Anne Miller,



Before starting your home buying journey, it is always a good idea to find an agent who has your best interest at heart. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), my business is helping buyers every step of the way. Also, as a member of the National Association of Realtors® I believe in, and follow a strict code of ethics that let me best serve you in your home search. If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

Buyer’s Agent


Personal Realtor Services

Personal or Concierge Realtor?

A personal concierge service runs on the most basic of premises. People want things done and want someone to do it for them. but don’t have the time to do them. But they’re happy to pay someone to take care of their business efficiently and with a touch of class. Why not let that someone be you?

Although personal concierge services are a fairly recent development, the number of real estate agents who answer the consumer demand are few and far between.

Concierge real estate services is my niche. I chose to run my business in a personal manner. My professional expertise is for YOU! I will meet with you every time we have paperwork to be completed, staging your house, meet with professional photographer to have photos made, etc.

Taking care of all that “stuff” requires time and organization.

YOUwill work strictly with me.


Hiring a Home Builder?

When hiring a homebuilder, you need to ensure you pick someone with the right professional experience for your needs. There are many homebuilders to choose from, and it can be challenging selecting one with the ability to offer quality construction services. Here are 5 things you should consider before hiring a homebuilder.

1. Level of Experience

A potential builder must have several years of experience constructing homes similar to the one you want. Experience something that cannot be replaced.. Recent homes built by a contractor in consideration should feature the latest design and technology. The buildings should also meet all the applicable building codes. A lot can be said for a builder who has proven the quality of their services over the years.

2. External Relationships

The quality of a builder’s relationships with suppliers, engineers, architects and town planners is a key. Contractors who have excellent working relations with architects and interior design professionals are preferable, because it shows their ability to communicate and manage relationships. Another great benefit of external relationships is pricing. Builders who work with preferred providers may be able to obtain raw materials at a discounted price, reducing your overhead cost.

3. Ability to Offer Customized Solutions

When building a new home, you want to ensure everything is perfect. How flexible and accommodating will your potential builder be? Can they interpret your needs and turn them into reality? Customization of your home includes everything from doors, windows, lighting controls, entertainment systems and more. It’s the smallest details that make a house into your home. Make sure your builder feels the same way.

4. Time of Delivery

A reputable company should have a fixed period of time in which they will to complete your home. They should be able to provide you with a budget of the total costs and a timetable of all the projects with completion dates.

5. Do they feel right?

Finally and most importantly, is this someone you can work with for an extended period of time? This is an important question because it enables you gauge the overall ability of the contractor to meet your expectations. They need to have machinery, well-trained, experienced staff, and the finances necessary to complete your new home. Building a home is no small task, it may be one of the most important things you ever do. Above all else, make sure whomever you pick as your builder shows drive and commitment to constructing a quality home, efficiently and within budget.

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