Real Estate and Roller Coasters

How is working as a real estate agent like roller coaster rides?

Roller coasters are thrilling rides and a fascinating study in physics.

Being a Realtor is exciting and a fascinating study of human personalities.

In 1855 the first real estate brokerage opened in Illinois (Baird &Warner
and in the mid-1800s the first roller coaster in US was built in Pennsylvania.

Exciting, thrilling, ups and downs, I experience all the emotions of my clients.

Sellers decide to sell their home then the emotions rise up and down:

Memories (first home, grandma lived here, etc.)
Second thoughts (maybe nobody will want it, we have the best home in neighborhood)
Offer accepted ( Oh no, someone else will be living in our house!)
Inspections (Is something wrong with my home?)
Appraisal ( Will it appraise?)
Closing (Will it actually close? What if the financing falls thru and we’re all packed?)

Buyers looking for a home and the emotions kick in:

How do we start?
Find an agent (DEBBIE HENDERSON)
What do we want?
Financing? (So many options. What’s the best financing for me?)
Find house (Is this the right house?)
Negotiating (Are we getting a good deal or paying to much?)
Appraisal ( Will it appraise?)
Closing (Will it actually close? What if our financing is questionable?)
Moving (WOW!! We did it!!)

Emotions ebb and flow throughout the entire process…couples argue, first-time homebuyers are afraid, sellers fearful, buyers excited, family and friends tell you what to do or not do.

I will ride this roller coaster with you every step of the way and facilitate everything!


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