Reasoning of Williamson County Schools 4/7/2014

Williamson County Schools Policy Committee met Monday evening with the full Board of Education to discuss zoning for the county’s newest schools planned for York Road: Mill Creek Elementary, Mill Creek Middle and Nolensville High.

To see proposed zone lines for new Nolensville schools, click here.
Superintendent of Schools Mike Looney provided renderings of the zoning boundaries, projected enrollment numbers and affected neighborhoods during the special-called work session.

Subdivisions north of Rocky Fork Road will remain zoned for Nolensville Elementary.

Mill Creek Elementary is expected to open in fall 2016 with a projected 459 students, with 589 in Nolensville Elementary and 636 in Sunset Elementary. Mill Creek’s capacity is about 800 students.

An expected 131 students will be moved from Sunset Elementary into Nolensville Elementary from Concord Forest, Catalina and Brittain Downs subdivisions. All students from the three neighborhoods will be rezoned; the neighborhoods are not split.

A projected 171 students will be rezoned from Sunset Middle to Mill Creek Middle, which shares a campus with Mill Creek Elementary.

Sunset Middle is proposed as a split middle feeder with approximately 65 percent zoned for Ravenwood and 35 percent to Nolensville High.

Mill Creek Middle will open with an expected 494 students, leaving 339 in Sunset Middle. Mill Creek’s capacity will be approximately 800 students.

Ravenwood High enrollment is expected to decrease from 2,044 to 1,545 students the first year of Nolensville High’s opening in fall 2016.

Nolensville High will open with freshmen and sophomore classes only and a total of 404 students. The junior class will be added in fall 2017 with an expected 611 students.

The new high school’s first year with all four classes will have an expected 801 students. Nolensville High’s capacity will be about 1,800 students.

Neighborhoods zoned for Ravenwood High are Taramore and Tuscany Hills as well as future developments Glen Abbey and Morgan Farms.

Neighborhoods zoned for Nolensville High are Benington, Bent Creek, Brittain Downs, Burkitt Place and Village, Catalina and Silver Stream Farms as well as future developments Cromwell, Sherwood Green and Summerlyn.

Brookfield subdivision remains in the RHS zone, as does Southern Woods, Inglehame Farms and Sonoma. Breezeway and Chardonnay near Clovercroft Elementary are also not impacted by the rezoning.

Calculations for elementary, middle and high school levels do not account for future growth or grandfathering.

There are no subdivisions split by the proposed zoning plans. However, future residential development may not take into account the zoning boundaries.

The zoning proposal to go before the school board for a vote on April 21 affects only those families impacted by the new Nolensville schools. The rezoning is not district-wide nor does it take into account any “domino affect” from moving students.

“We’ve had some feedback about a domino effect,” Looney said. “[The plan] does not address any domino effect. I’m not sure how much domino-ing we’ll be doing based on these numbers. It would be a short-term domino effect.”

Looney will discuss rezoning in two public meetings on Thursday. The first will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Nolensville Town Hall. The second will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Sunset Middle cafeteria.

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