Surviving Hurricane Irma

I was visiting my sons in Florida and Hurricane Irma had only just been mentioned.  I changed my flight to stay another week and BOOM Irma started to come toward Florida.  It’s going East.  It’s going West.  It’s going up the middle of the state.

We were on the west coast and Hurricane Irma decided to move West.  We start buying water but most stores were empty.  We saved several gallons of tap water.  We did have bread!  The windows were covered and we stayed tuned to the news.

By the time Irma reached us it was a Category 2 – still a very dangerous storm.  Zones A and B were mandatory evacuations.  Zone C was not ordered to vacate so we stayed at home.  Imagine – 7  adults, 1 baby, and 4 dogs in 1400 SF house.

The storm hit us Sunday evening and Monday.  We did not sustain any damage to the house or trees on the property.  No flooding and we had electricity the whole time.

I’m traveling back to Nashville today….I’ve had all the excitement I need for a few days.

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