Timothy’s Gift Concert

Timothy’s Gift Concert – May 7, 2016 – 7PM at Gracepointe Church, Franklin, TN.

The Timothy’s Gift journey started the instant compassion became passion. In 1998, Nashville businessman Ron Miller watched a news report about a Florida boy, Tim Kane, who was charged with murder, tried as an adult, and given two life sentences despite having never touch a single victim. Hearing Tim’s certainly unique story lead to the birth of a Non-Profit, Timothy’s Gift, that has already touched thousands of lives. What may be most extraordinary about all of this is the hope Tim has sparked all from inside the prison walls.

The Hope Tour, led by Melissa Greene, has risen to be a vital instrument for sharing the message of Timothy’s Gift to both inmates and staff.

The message of Timothy’s Gift is that no one is forgotten, that every human being has great WORTH.